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Welcome to the website for the Hail Wildcats Gridiron Club , the official fan support group of Wildcat Football. The club was founded years ago evolving from mergers among various fan based groups that supported Wildcat Football for over a century. The mission of the club is to preserve the traditions, foster the ideals, and build support for the Wildcat Football program. We have endeavored to fulfill this mission by reaching out not only to football alumni and Wildcat alumni, but to all Wildcat football fans, regardless of alma mater, educational background, or athletic standing. We strive to provide fans value for membership and an opportunity to be a positive part of the football program. The Hail Wildcats Gridiron Club is also your new home for all things NIL-related for Wildcat Football!

Our goal is to create an elite student-athlete experience, while also providing fans a unique experience of their own.


You are the Wildcat legacy, you are the Wildcat’s competitive edge.

  • Be directly involved with changing the landscape of Wildcat Football.

  • Exclusive membership benefit enhancement offers.

  • Access to exclusive HWGC events.

  • Eligibility for HWGC Officer positions

  • Support our Coaches, Staff, and Players

  • Assist the team purchase unbudgeted items such as new helmets, outerwear, travel essentials, meals, equipment, and technology upgrades.

  • Numerous perks and gear.

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